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The form below is very easy to use. But if you prefer to use email or even to text us your information & image(s), no problem.

The page artwork proof will be created and sent to you for approval. Only after you confirm the proof will the entry go live on the website and be added to the artwork for the Guidebook.

You can provide your own 1/4 page artwork as a PDF, PNG or JPG at 300dpi, 60mm (315 pixels) wide x 95mm (475 pixels) deep.

That can be uploaded with the form below. Note that words and images are still necessary for the website profile.

Joining Raglan Creatives gives you a 24/7 Online presence, plus entries into 4 quarterly Guidebooks.
Your entries can be as varied as you like.
Your entries can be updated regularly at no extra cost.
The full-colour Guidebook content is limited by 2 factors. The physical size of the entry is 1/4 of a page in the A5 format, so only so much will fit. Secondly, we keep paper use to an acceptable level.
That’s why we suggest no more than 100 words for the Guidebook entry.
But your Online entry can have more words and images. We’ll contact you about that after you sign up.
Quarter Page: $50 per annum
Half Page: $75 per annum
Full page: $100 per annum
  • your entry in 4 Guidebooks (one per season)
  • one year of an expanded Website version of your entry
  • one year inclusion in the online Directory, available 24/7
  • up to 6 amendments of your entry per annum
The Bank details:
Please make payment to the following bank account:
Raglan Creatives
Or you can select Invoice Me at the Payment section.
You can add a Note to your payment if necessary, or to the Sign Up form.
All payments will be acknowledged once funds have cleared into our bank account.

Example Entries

As the examples show, up to 100 words works well if you have lots of text. Or you can put more emphasis on the images.
Raglan Apiaries, 2023
Raglan Photo Gallery, Wainui Road
  Looks great & am very happy with that.
  Thank you. What a super easy process.
  Thank you,

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If you’re ready to sign up and add your information to the Raglan Creatives database and appear online and in our quarterly Guidebooks, simply fill in the easy form above.

Or send us a message, or email, or text, or even phone!

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