Wanda Barker, artist in Raglan
Shadow Worker by Wanda Barker

Shadow Worker

based on ideas of mask, acrylic, oil, old fabric, glitter

U Threaten Me? by Wanda Barker, artist, Raglan

U Threaten Me? Good Luck.

What Now painting by Wanda Barker

What Now

Wanda Barker, Artist/Writer MFA, at
little hill studios, Raglan.

Wanda has been painting & arts mentoring for most of her adult life. She utilises a wide range of media; acrylic, oil, watercolours, glitter, craft & sculptural elements, collage on paper & canvas, creating large and small abstract expressionist works with text.

Her work is a social emotional commentary of her lived experience, always colourful, always changing.

Little Hill Studios: workshops, art mentor, studio hire, art supplies.

Large beautiful working Art space overlooking Raglan Harbour, 2 minutes from town.

Open by appointment & most public holidays.



027 351 4515

49B Hills Road


Not as it seems artwork by Wanda Barker

Not As It Seems

WOW by Wanda Barker